Oct 01 2012

Signtronix – Hat Trick Performance

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Seth and Sarah McNeal headed to Louisiana on a mission.  They want to follow in the steps of the great Steve Ingemi and sell signs in every state of America.  So far, Seth has sold signs in 36 states.  Nice!  They hadn’t sold in Louisiana yet so they hit the road. They struggled a little at the beginning of the trip, but once they got in the groove it was pay dirt.  On their first call of the day they got their first lite-up and placed an LED-40 to a Consignment Shop.  They had now sold a sign in Louisiana and were on their way out of town when Seth spotted an Audio Shop.  He wanted to visit an Audio Shop to get a radio for his sister, Sarah’s, graduation.  As luck, or is that hard work, would have it not only did he get a radio he also placed a Model 58.  Finally, at 6:00 pm and on their way home they decided to pull off the highway to take a short break.  This is when Sarah reminded Seth he had never sold three signs in one day while she was with him.  Off they went and placed a Model 44 and an LED-60 to a Shoe & Gift Boutique.  Now that’s a HAT TRICK!  Thanks Sarah!



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