Feb 27 2013

Signtronix – Holy Smack Down Batman

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Have you heard the news?  It was mentioned that instead of calling our electronic newsletter the SOS, we should call it the SAS.  That’s right the Seth and Sarah!  I like it!

Seth & Sarah McNeal went to help a customer set up their new EMC and decided to stay around town to work. On their 2nd lite-up, they met a sweet lady named Carol. Taking the advice of TAP Rep, Chris Ingemi, they proceeded to learn all about Carol and her business. Her husband passed away a few years ago and this business is hers, but she plans to leave it to her daughters. When we got down to the end, Seth asked her what made her buy and she said, “I started buying right when you walked in and said you were with a sign company. Just last week my son visited from Virginia and said I really needed a better sign.” “Wow!  My jaw dropped because she had kept that a secret all through my whole presentation.  When her son comes to visit again, he will love the new Model 46 and 6 foot EMC,” said Seth.

Yesterday SAS were working in a small town in Southern Missouri. On their first lite-up they met a nice lady that had one of our old Model 44 signs. They started talking to her about the power of her windows and then she told them about an idea to have a hair blow dryer with flames coming out of it. Sarah’s eyes lit up! She loves designing Salon signs. When she was done with the design the owner said, “Holy smack down Batman,” she literally said those words.  She asked if she could start off with the IS-60 and add on an LED down the road.  Seth said, “Of course,” and talked to her about our G.W.O.C. Program!  She will Grow With Our Company, which is something Seth learned years ago from Vernie Boren.  Holy smack down Batman!

“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – are all an opportunity for me to rise.”  ~Kobe Bryant

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