May 22 2013

Signtronix – If I were a business owner, I would ask myself these questions.

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By Tom Johnson


  1. What do I do different than my competition?  In other words, why should people bother to stop at my business rather than my competitors?


  1. I have several thousand people driving past my business on a daily basis and each one is a potential customer.  If I could sit in the front seat with them as they approach my business, what would I want them to know about my business?  What would I tell them?


  1. How civic minded am I?  How important is it for me to be involved in community affairs, public service, etc.?


  1. Is the image on the outside of my business important to me?


  1. What type of advertising am I doing now?


  1. What am I trying to tell the people?  What do I expect the advertising to do for me?


  1. How is it working for me?


  1. If they do see or hear my message, how long do they remember it?


  1. Have I ever had people come in and say, “How long have you been here”?


  1. Do changeable, electronic message signs attract attention?


  1. What is my average customer worth to me?  Or, what is my average sale?


  1. How many days a week am I open?


  1. How many customers do I deal with on a daily average?


  1. If I could take a magic wand and wave it, how many more customers would I like to have?


Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes will help you to help your customer.  It will also give you insight on how to help your customer.  We’ve heard it before but words of interest and inspritation from President, Tom Johnson never get old!


“I do not believe in excuses. I believe in hard work as the prime solvent of life’s problems.” ~James Cash Penney

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