Feb 28 2014

Signtronix – Image Is Everything Part 1

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Let me ask you a question.  Imagine you are a small businessman.  Okay, what is most important about your business… service, product or image?  Most people usually say service.

I then take out a piece of paper and draw a typical street in America.  I tell them there are two business located on the same street.  One business is called Grandma’s Hamburgers, and the other is called McDonalds.  What are the differences and similarities between these two businesses?

Grandma has been in business for 20 years, and McDonalds has been in business for 3 years.  Service is first so let’s talk about Grandma’s service. When you go in a waitress greets you at the door and takes you to a table.  She gives you a menu and then brings your drinks. You order and the food is prepared especially for you.  They serve your food on a plate and you eat with knives and forks.  Grandma’s product is her food.  Each morning she comes at 3:00 a.m. and makes homemade buns for the hamburgers. Her patties are real beef, and they are delicious. On your way out, after you’ve eaten, you stop to pay.  Did you get good service?  Did you get a good product?  Grandma, on a good day, will sell $500.

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