Mar 13 2013

Signtronix – Invitation to the Big Dance

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RM Lance Pelton and the Trailblazers are in full tournament mode this month and the contracts are coming in FAST & FURIOUS. (No relation to the ongoing investigation in Washington.)  Tim Knight, the reigning Trailblazer Champion, recently added three beautiful contracts to his growing tally on a recent road trip.  The businesses he helped included a Pet Groomer, Auto Repair Shop and a Music Store.  He’s looking for a top seed in the contest.  Nick Trevino added two contracts last week and is also looking for a high seed.  Gary Johnson had a three sign contract to start his week with two Model 58’s and a Headliner.  Way to go Gary!   Earnie Bailey is sure to make it into the tournament as well with a beautiful contract for a Model 36 and a set of 6′ EMC’s.  Awesome job Earnie!  The region’s newest Icebreaker, Arvin Waddles, has quickly added two more and is looking to finish out June strong.  Chris Griffith placed another indoor LED yesterday and his totals are steadily growing.  Chris is a contract writer so look for him to go far in the tourney.  Bryan Marquez is steadily adding contracts to his tally and WILL be in the tourney and a high seed!  Cheryl Zimmer also placed a set of 3 Line 8′ Tri-color EMC’s to a Bar & Grill.  Keith Ives, a two-time Trailblazer Tournament Champion and three time Dealer of the Year, will be in the tournament.  His recent placements include a Model 48 to a Restaurant and a set of EMC’s to a Car Lot. Look out, Keith’s ready for a STRONG SUMMER!

The madness has descended upon the Trailblazers yet again and each one looks to make their mark in the Signtronix Tournament of Champions by testing themselves against other dealers around the entire country.  They also realize how very important June is in terms of production.  If you don’t crack the top 64, you don’t get an invitation to the BIG DANCE!  And what a DANCE it will be!!!


“When the goal is in sight, all your physical pain disappears, and your mental determination shall carry you the rest of the way.”  ~Trey Patty

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