Oct 09 2013

Signtronix – Kar-Fre Flowers

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April 2, 2013


Late last fall we purchased a new sign from Signtronix to go in front of our business at 1126 E State, Sycamore, IL. Many years ago we purchased our original sign and have always loved it. We were always so impressed with its quality and durability. Over the years we received many compliments on it.

It was in dire need of being updated, but we just had not taken the time to begin the process. Therefore, it was a welcome surprise when your sales representative happened in at the end of November 2012.

We looked forward to investing in a new, updated fresh look. Unfortunately, we were not able to afford to do the marquee portion of our sign at the same time. Therefore, where we like the look of our new sign we don’t feel that it is a completely finished product at this point as the attached pictures will convey. It still looks like a work in progress.

We do receive lots of feedback on our sign from our customers. At this point it is mostly generated based on the sentiment expressed on the marquee portion of the sign. We have not been overwhelmed with comments, good or bad, on the new sign. I suspect this is because at quick glance it may look different to our customers, but it may not occur to them that it is brand new because so much of what the eye is focused on is still very old and dated looking.

Thank you for timeliness, quality and cost effectiveness.

Kris Wrenn

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