Jun 24 2013

Signtronix – Keith Ives #1 DM & Dealer Dollar Volume

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Keith Ives currently holds the record for most personal dollar volume sold in one year of $1,230,206, which he did in 2012! This is Keith’s second consecutive year as #1 DM in Dollar Volume and his 4th consecutive year as #1 Dealer in Dollar Volume.

Keith’s dedication and work ethic excelled him to #1 DM and Dealer in 2012. His strong commitment to hard work has allowed him to create wealth and achieve his dreams. Keith is the best example of setting a goal and through hard work making that goal a reality.

Keith and his wife, Belinda, have two daughters, Kasey and Abby, who are also involved in Signtronix. They run his office doing art and paperwork, allowing Keith the freedom to be in the field doing what he does best… selling signs.

Keith joined Signtronix in August of 2008 and was promoted to District Manager in October 2009. His first full year in the business he became #1 Dealer Dollar Volume! Keith is a two-time Sijan winner and has earned numerous Bonus Sign Awards. Keith has earned every incentive trip since he joined our company.

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