Feb 20 2012

Signtronix – Kerkhoff Building Services, Inc.

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Kerkhoff Building went from one great Signtronix sign to another!

Current Signtronix Customers CRAVE new technology and designs.

Don’t overlook the customer service call when visiting towns

withSigntronix signs hanging proudly!



The morning after we put our new sign up one of our business associates called. He had just driven by and noticed our new sign and stated it was an Eye Catcher!

The Signtronix Salesman, Marco, was in our area and stopped in to see how our old Signtronix sign was doing. We never called Signtronix. Their service and word means a lot. We had a Signtronix sign that was six years old. One of the colors in the printing was fading, our sign was under warranty and our salesman was going to replace it free of charge. Our cost would be freight.

While Marco was here, he showed us the new high definition designs. We thought it was a major improvement over the six-year-old sign. We gladly paid the difference for the upgrade. It looks best at night when it’s lit up. The new replacement panels fit perfectly in the old Signtronix frame.

We have a 4ft by 8ft sign. As big as it is, the high winds and weather have not hurt it in six years. It’s a very professional sign and it makes our place of business look very professional as well.

Thank you, Signtronix!

 Stan Kerkhoff, Owner

Kerkhoff Building Services, Inc.


                 Sold by:

Marco Dimbo, Minneapolis Eagles                                

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