Jul 05 2013

Signtronix Ladies of the Month

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As we honor our 2012 Dealers and Managers, we can’t fail to recognize the magnificent women who stand by their side day after day. We honor Liz McNeal, Belinda Ives, Shelley Dean, Melissa Pelton and Sarah McNeal for their continuous influence and encouragement.

Over and over, the women of Signtronix have revealed the incredible power of motivation they have on Dealers, Managers and Regions. Without unremitting support from family and significant others, Signtronix Dealers and Managers could not and would not bask in the glory of success. It is imperative to every Signtronix Dealer, male or female, to have a network of steadfast support.

Thank you, ladies, for everything you have made possible this year. Your positive persuasion and love are the driving forces behind many victories, both small or large. Every thought, word and deed you radiate propels Signtronix to a higher degree of greatness. Success is inevitable with each of you on our side.

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