Jul 07 2011

Signtronix Lady Of The Month

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Melissa Pelton

A weekend at the flea market turned into a lifetime of laughs and signs for Melissa Pelton. As a senior in high school, Melissa met Lance Pelton, a college student at Texas A&M. Her parents were doing wood working projects as a hobby and decided to sell some of them at a weekend flea market called “South fork Ranch Trade Days”. Melissa, of course, tagged along to shop. Lance, who was away at college, came home for the weekend and was with his parents at the trade days. Even though Lance was not Melissa’s type, she noticed him and watched him through her sunglasses all day. Lance had long hair, cut-off blue jean shorts, a black concert tee shirt and a HARLEY DAVIDSON wallet with a chain attached to his belt loop. What a catch! She was quite opposite wearing a cute tee shirt with matching shorts and a bow in her hair. Arlene Pelton noticed that Melissa was watching Lance and decided to get involved. Lance wanted a coffee table that he had seen at the flea market for his apartment. Arlene, the incredibly smart women that she is, told Lance that if he went over and talked to ‘that cute girl’ she would buy him the coffee table. Arlene never dreamed he would actually do it. The next thing Arlene notices is Lance walking over to Melissa and asking her to get a lemonade with him. She said, “Yes” and later that afternoon Lance loaded up the coffee table and headed back to A&M.

Lance, Melissa, Austin and Lance, Jr.

It’s been almost 12 years, since Melissa said, “I do” to both Lance Pelton and Signtronix. Lance and Melissa Pelton joined Signtronix/ Gulf in 1995. Lance worked with the company for several years assisting his dad, Roger Pelton, in opening up new offices. In 1997, Lance and Melissa opened up an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Melissa was a huge help to Lance with the indoor responsibilities such as answering the phone on ad days and allowing him to focus on indoor and outdoor training. They moved to Fort Worth in 1998 and bought their first home. Fort Worth is home now and they love being near friends and family.

Signtronix is not only a great company but a way of life. Melissa said, “I enjoy the friendships I have made with so many people at Signtronix. It’s great seeing everyone on the trips! It truly is a family.”

Melissa is very busy as a stay-at-home mom with their two handsome boys, Lance, Jr., 6 and Austin, 4. During the school year she enjoys volunteering numerous hours each week at their schools. “Without Signtronix I wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy all the wonderful things of staying at home with our boys. I would like to thank Kozy and the Signtronix family for the wonderful opportunities that Signtronix has given us. The whole Pelton family is truly blessed to have Signtronix in our lives,” said Melissa.

Always supporting Signtronix, we pay tribute to Melissa Pelton for her dedication and loyalty to this amazing company. She is a kindhearted and exquisite woman. We are honored to have you, Melissa, as our Lady of the Month!

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