Jul 23 2011

Signtronix Lady of the Month

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Shelley Dean

Before becoming a member of the Signtronix family, I worked as a youth director in Denver, Colorado. My job was to offer religious, social and educational programming for 6th thru 12th graders. I loved it! My team was creative and unique and within four years I built a number one youth group by recruiting more than 100 students into it. We were a very high energy, caring, fun and famous group of individuals.

Then I met Jeff Dean! Soon after we met, he asked me to go on a month long road trip with him to Alaska. I changed my annual summer trip to Israel and then 15 tanks of gas later we arrived in the land of the midnight sun. While in Alaska, I learned much about the whole Signtronix lifestyle. We would walk into businesses without an appointment, talk with business owners about their dreams and walk out in an hour or two with a paycheck, usu­ally for a sizeable amount! It was truly amazing. Of course, while in Alaska Jeff wined and dined me, we camped out, flew in bush planes, saw bears and made lots of money. I had never seen anything quite like this!

I met Kozy and Vernie Boren and the leadership of Signtronix when Jeff was honored as a #1 District Manager in Mexico 2003. A turning point in our life came in Mexico when the president of Signtronix, Tom Johnson, talked to me and Jeff about opening a region of our own. And thus began the DEAN TEAM! We moved to St. Louis, opened an office and got married in the same week. I told Jeff I would commit to the whole Signtronix gig if we focused on becoming a number one region. Jeff was confident we could do it and since we both were number one in our fields we knew it would happen.

Through a lot of trial and error I have figured out my role within Signtronix. Never having been in sales, I wanted to first prove to myself I could do it. So just like the dealers I train, I mastered the presentation and went out and sold. Having sold signs and field trained new dealers, I am now better able to coach and teach the classroom training with Jeff. Working with our wonderful sales support and customer service depart­ment on a daily basis has allowed me to better define my role in Signtronix, and our business has become much more productive.

We are three years young! Our first year we were a top 5 region, our second year we were in the top 3, and this year we achieved the #1 Region in both Volume and Contracts. We are so pleased to work with such quality people in our region. Our sales reps feel like family to us. Many of our events are open to spouses and kids where we can all hang out and get to know each other better.

On top of it all, Jeff and I have been blessed this year with a beautiful baby girl. Tzofia Keshet was born January 15, 2007. No doubt a child changes lives, and we appreciate the freedom and flexibility Signtronix offers our life. My goal for 2007 and beyond is to become a “Super Woman”. I want to do it all! To stay an attentive wife and mother, I am learning to balance my work with all I enjoy in life. I have learned in life that with the right attitude and clear set goals you can do it all! I still work every day in our Signtronix world, and we have plans to finish 2007 on top while managing the new responsibilities of parenthood and continuing to grow our #1 Team.

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