Apr 09 2012

Signtronix Lady of the Month

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Leticia Castillo

A shy soul among a rowdy team of Trailblazers, Leticia Castillo may seem timid, but she can hold her own amongst the Texas crowd. She grew up in the small town of Morton, Texas of no more than 2,500 people and very much appreciates small hometown living. “My life today is a stark contrast from where I grew up. Looking back today, this type of upbringing has helped me appreciate the small things life has to offer such as learning how to knit, spending time with my grandkids or just reading a mystery novel.” Although a contrast to her childhood, Leticia loves her life in Lubbock, Texas with her husband and Signtronix superstar, Jared Castillo.

Leticia met Jared the summer of 1996 at a graduation party. “When I met him I never knew someone could talk so much! By contrast, I was quiet and shy. I guess its true opposites do attract. A year later we were married.”

Jared became involved with Signtronix in 1996 while he and Leticia were dating. He answered an ad in the local newspaper and that’s where he met Roger Pelton for the

first time. The rest is history. Jared has become a solid and dependable asset to the Trailblazer team and Leticia has much to do with his success. She is a great support and strongly believes in Jared and his immense talents.

“In the beginning when Jared first started with Signtronix, the money and freedom controlled him, but today he controls the freedom and money. This has allowed us to have more quality time together as a family. When most people would have given up, Jared continued and he is willing to share his story of failure and success with others.”

Jared and Leticia have a son, David. Leticia also has a 22-year-old son who is married with a son and a daughter. She is a very attentive, patient and loving mother and grandmother who enjoys watching the kids learn and grow.

“Being with Signtronix has taught us how to seize opportunities, given us occasions to grow friendships, allowed us to spend time with family and have a better quality of life. We appreciate the Signtronix family!”

Leticia is a brilliant, bright and beautiful women with a laid back personality. She is kind and thoughtful and always encouraging. We treasure her friendship and are honored to have her as the Signtronix Lady of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Leticia!

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