Feb 25 2013

Signtronix – Lady of the Month Part 2

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Ali Howe


One of my favorite parts of being with Signtronix is knowing that I am helping people and their businesses. I believe that within my innermost self my desire has always been to help people. The owners become the real winners with a great sign display. The dealers are next with the financial support they need for their families. I like to think I have at least a small part in assisting them. And, lastly, helping my own family and our future.”

Ali is known for keeping busy. She loves crocheting and crafts. “I also enjoy old movies and Anne of Green Gables weekends with my girlfriends.” Some of her goals are to write a book, write more letters and eventually have their own in-ground swimming pool. “Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it.” Since 1979, Ali has been involved in a volunteer ministry taking her all across the nation. “I have enjoyed sharing my hope through the pages of the Bible. This part of my life is an on-going highlight.”

The following words might come from Andrew Howe, but anyone who knows Ali would second the opinion. “Alison is the exceptional gem, one finds who is multi-faceted and beautiful from every direction and closer examination brings only more awe and appreciation. Her attractiveness is immediately noticed by her smile and kind heart. She is gentle and sincere. She views others with deep respect and a moment in her presence is one of refreshment and pleasure. Alison goes two extra miles and has the patience of job. Her acumen is without question.” Ali continues to amaze and we are honored to have her as the Lady of the Month.

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