Jun 28 2011

Signtronix Lady of the Month

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Blanche Froeschle

November 2006 marks 20 years since Blanche answered a newspaper ad in hopes of making 50,000 a year working for Joel Froeschle. Blanche recalls, “He had on a pair of shined, brown shoes with laces. I thought he must be okay because men who wore shoes like that were both successful and trustworthy.”

As a dealer Blanche was very successful and consistently reached her goals. She has fond memories of her field training days. “I did a good job field training new dealers. My strong point was that I could get that sample in any door,” said Blanche.

Blanche really feels at home with Signtronix. “It is like one big family.” She is the oldest of nine kids, so she knows about big families! Growing to love the people around you is a consequence of working here. “You want to see them and the trips make it possible,” said Blanche.

Blanche reminisces about her first trip to Nashville. “I had read many of Joel’s New and Views and became familiar with all the faces. I immediately recognized Kozy & Sally and that’s who I wanted to meet first because I was so impressed with the company they had created.”

Shortly after she started selling signs, she and Joel began to date. After 10 years, they were married in Biloxi, Mississippi with friends and family by their side. Blanche fondly remembers that when Joel proposed to her, he got down on one knee and proposed in front of two of his dealers. “I insisted on having witnesses,” she said.

Blanche has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and she is very involved with their busy lives. “I have needy grandchildren and I’m never alone!” Blanche’s granddaughter, who is 15, lives with them full time and she has two other grandchildren on the weekends. Blanche is a caretaker by nature. She takes in children, related or not, and makes them feel wanted. “We get together for all the birthday dinners. We are trying to teach the younger ones how important family really is,” said Blanche.

Her big heart is shared through her spirit of giving. A smile from Blanche is all it takes to see what an amazing woman she is. Blanche loves to read, garden and utilize the internet. She is very mechanically inclined. Fixing her own computer comes naturally for her.

Joel and Blanche work as team in the Georgia Golden Eagle region. Joel knows he can lean on Blanche for help with the dealers or any other aspect of the business. Blanche is an excellent indoor trainer and is the region’s link to customer service.

Joel promised when he started with Signtronix that he wouldn’t quit until he was successful. Blanche said, “We’re still trying to be successful!” The Froeschles have been an inspiration and a great example of success to all at Signtronix for many years.

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