Jul 04 2011

Signtronix Lance Sijan Awards

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To receive the Lance Sijan Award, a Dealer must work 23 consecutive days (Saturday or Sunday can be taken off); perform at least two lite-ups each day; and write 13 or more contracts in the designated time frame. Who’s next?

Ron English Earns His First SIJAN Award!

St. Louis Road Warrior, Captain Ron English scored big when he went for the prestigious Lance Sijan Award. With 15 contracts in 23 days, Ron made 21,949! In 23 days Ron helped a Christian Church, a Restaurant, a Salon, a Computer Store, a Softball Store, a Crafty Boutique, another Restaurant, a Pub, a Bistro, a Diner, a Mini-Mart, another Church, a Vietnamese Restaurant, a Motor Shop, a Howard Johnson Hotel and to top it off… a Zoo! Would you like to sell a Zoo too? Actually, it was ‘Broadway Bistro Zoo’, but inside it was like a zoo!

What made the difference for Ron? Ron said, “It was the first time I kept track of all my numbers.” Vernie Boren and RM Jeff Dean worked with Ron so that every door was documented, every light up counted, and every sale was calculated. Now Ron knows that he makes 4280 per sale,  292.50 per lite-up, 79.83 for every door he walks through!

What if everyone reading this were to keep track of their numbers for four honest weeks? Would you really like to know just how much you make per door?


Richard Houston Completes FOUR In A Row!

Another Signtronix first! RM Richard Houston has achieved his FOURTH Lance Sijan Award… IN A ROW! From March to the present, Richard has continuously worked six days a week, completed at least two lite-ups a day and sold a ton of contracts!

One unique thing about Richard is that he not only focused on his own sales, but he was continuously field training dealers around the country. It’s pretty amazing to see such skill and determination combined with a selfless attitude and a love for people.

Congratulations, Richard!

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