Oct 31 2014

Signtronix – Leaders Are Committed To Winning Part 2

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Everyone at the top started at the bottom.  Everyone at the front of the line of life started at the back of the line.  And whatever hundreds or thousands, or even millions of others have done, you can do as well, if you are ambitious enough.  The bad news is that anything less than a life-long commitment to excellence becomes an unconscious acceptance of mediocrity, of poor performance.  No company or individual ever started off with the goal of mediocre performance.  But in the absence of a deep-down commitment to excellence, mediocre performance happens naturally and automatically.


It takes a long time to become the best in your field, or in any field, but it is worth it. Most companies and their first products and services, start off as average or poor quality.  But because of the founder’s commitment to excellence, they continually improve their products until it gets better and better, moving up in the customer satisfaction rankings.  Eventually, they improve their quality so much that they become world leaders in their industries.


The satisfaction you enjoy by knowing that you are good at what you do, and that others recognize and respect you for it, is worth any price you pay in terms of time and discipline to achieve excellence.  Fortunately, there are only about five to seven skills in any field that you must master personally to get into the top ten percent.  And like a ladder, you climb these skill levels on step at a time.

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