Nov 03 2014

Signtronix – Leaders Are Committed To Winning Part 3

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Identify the Key Skill – Here is the great question in your attainment of personal excellence:  “What one skill, if you were excellent at it, consistently, would help you the most to advance in your career?”


There is always on answer to this question, and you almost always know the answer, or you can find out by asking someone else.  You may not be comfortable with the answer; with the skill that you need to develop to move ahead but this discomfort is only because you have not yet mastered this particular skill.


The good news is that all business skills are learnable.  Anyone who is excellent at any particular skill today, at one time could not do it at all. But they set it as a goal, they made a plan, and they worked on themselves and their business until they eventually become excellent in that area.  And so can you.  Whatever the skill you need to learn to move to the top in your business, write down the development of this skill as a goal, and make a list of everything you will have to do to master this skill, set a deadline for achieving this skill, and then go to work to develop the skill.

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