Jan 12 2012

Signtronix Leadership Principles for Building a Sales Organization – 7

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Facts About Every Person You Hire Including Yourself

By Buddy Swisshelm



Remember the Giving Principle

Management Mistake: Some Managers forget their responsibilities to their people when they begin to succeed.

Leadership Solution:  Leaders never forget the power of “giving” in their personal and business lives.

  • Don’t catch the disease of “self-ness”.
  • Follow the “Giving Principle of Life”.
  • Give without expecting a return.


Never Give Up

Management Mistake: Many Managers get discouraged and quit before they have a chance to win.

Leadership Solution:  A leader sees adversity as a challenge and keeps on going.

  • Winners are made, not born,
  • Good people outlast bad times.
  • Don’t make an emotional decision about your career.
  • A situation is only impossible if you think it is.
  • Have the courage to at least try.
  • Leadership is everything.

This meeting is in greater detail on itunes.com-search podcast-buddy Swisshelm.


“Don’t tell me how good you were.  Show me how great you are.”  ~Vince Lombardi

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