Jan 02 2013

Signtronix – Omaha Pioneers on the Move

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RM Tim Bailey and DM Ron Sibbel set out together for Kansas last Monday.  They didn’t make a call until 4:00 pm and then placed an LED-40.  On Tuesday the duo got warmed up by making 7 lite-ups and continued with 6 lite-ups on Wednesday.  Tim told Ron they had paid their dues so watch out on Thursday.  And, that’s exactly what happened.  They started off with an LED-40 at 8:30 am.  By 11:00 am an LED-60 3 line was in the bag.  By 3:00 pm a Model 56 DF was placed and by 7:00 pm a pair of Model 46 panels giving them a “Texas Hat Trick.” Friday started slow but at 4:00 pm they walked into a Used Car Lot with the best location in the town.  The owner said he had seen our signs four times in three years.  Tim told him you haven’t seen it from me just give me 10 minutes.  Just a short time later the team was into the close!  Tim then looked the customer in the eye and used an axiom he learned from Buddy Swisshelm.  “If you let me walk out this door without our sign, I am part of your problem. I would rather be part of your solution.”

The owner then smiled and said, “Write up that Model 68 DF!  On Saturday they walked into a Mexican Clothing Store where the owner didn’t speak English but her 15 year old daughter did.  This translation resulted in an IS-60.  Then on Monday, after a slow morning, Team Pioneers placed a pair of Model 26 panels to an Auto Glass Shop and just a short hour later an LED-60 3 Line to a previous customer.  At 8:00 Monday evening they placed a pair of Model 48 panels to a Liquor Store!  WOW! What happens when you go to work, get in your lite-ups and stick to the plan?  10 contracts in 8 days!  Not too shabby! Way to go team Pioneers!


Also, to keep things interesting on the home front Brad Williams placed an LED-40 3 Line to an Insurance Agency.   Nice job, Brad!


“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  ~Dale Carnegie

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