Apr 24 2013

Signtronix – President’s Pin Month

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At the same time in November, Signtronix is offering the prestigious and highly coveted “President’s Pin”.  This award is only offered one time each year in November.  Our very own President, Tom Johnson, is waiting to see how many will earn this award and add this pin to their lapel.  Mr. Johnson takes this esteem honor very seriously and is PROUD to have those around the country set goals, work hard and represent him as they display their new pin.  DO IT NOW!


Will your name become a part of Signtronix history?  Will you put your name among the Signtronix greats who currently wear this pin?  Al Borgers, Allan Jones, Bill Gigax, Brandon Gither, Brian Kornuth, Buddy Swisshelm,  Daniel Reuter, Dave Brown, Dave Grosmann, Dennis Giacobe, Doug Stripp, Henry Velez, Jaymes Ryan, Jeff Dean, Jeff Van Horn, Jim Battaglia, Jim Callahan, Joe Brewer, Joel Froeschle, Joel Pelton, Keith Ives, Lance Pelton, Lissie Wagner, Lynn Schumacher, Mark Warneke, Mark Woods, Mike Hays, Mike Carter, Mike Drew, Milt Mannix, Paul Shawley, Ray Clark, Richard Houston, Richard Truex, Robert Hollen, Roger Paul, Ron Gither, Sam Casey, Steve Ingemi, Steve Johnson, Terry Wigginton, Tim Schomer and Will Welsh!

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.”  ~Evan Esar

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