Mar 07 2012

Signtronix – Proudly Wearing Sijan Wings 1

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Each Sijan journey is unique and specific, but the third time a Dealer earns the Sijan Award, there is an extra incentive and reward. A beautiful gold Sijan Wings Pendant is presented to the spouse or partner of the three-time Sijan Winner. Not only is the Sijan Award a journey for the Signtronix Dealer, it’s a journey for their families as well. To honor their support and inspiration, we proudly congratulate the present-day Sijan Pendant holders. Thank you for your wonderful spirits and continued support of the award and the adventure.

Lance P. Sijan was always a special kind of person. As a child growing up in the Midwest, he was a star athlete, leader and scholar. As a young Air Force cadet, he quickly made his mark and again emerged as a competitive front-runner. But, it took Vietnam to show how special he really was, enduring an epic of jungle survival and prison camp defiance. On the night of November 9th, 1967, Sijan was ejected from his crippled fighter-bomber over the steep mountains of Laos. Although critically injured and virtually without supplies, he evaded capture in savage terrain for six weeks. Finally, caught and placed in a holding camp, he overpowered his guards and escaped, only to be captured again hours later. Sijan refused to accede to his captors’ demands for information and resisted his forceful and ferocious interrogators until the end. Starved and tortured, on January 22, 1968, after ten days in the Hanoi prison, Lance Sijan died. His courage was an inspiration to other American prisoners of war and he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.



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