Mar 07 2012

Signtronix – Proudly Wearing Sijan Wings 3

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We could and should call the Signtronix Sijan Award a Medal of Honor. When will you fulfill the definition of this Medal of Honor?

All-star Sijan Winner Richard Houston, is still our leader achieving the award 11 times (five of them back-to-back). WOW! Here’s where the numbers get interesting. Jeff Van Horn has been sitting comfortably in second position for some time now with six Sijan’s. Well, no longer! He now shares that spot with Tim McNeal. So, who will be the first one to SEVEN Sijan’s and claim that #2 spot? Ron English and Ron Gither have five Sijans each so it stands to reason either of them could “catch fire” and head toward that #2 position. Don’t forget Seth McNeal who just completed his 4th Sijan. He could take action, pass everyone and head to the #2 spot. Craig Jarrett just completed his 3rd Sijan with the last two being back-to-back. Craig could easily sneak under the radar. Most importantly, don’t count out new comer Daniel Reuter. With his strong work habits and “stay out until the job is done” attitude, he could surprise all of us. But the BIG question is… can any of these people or anyone else catch Richard Houston? Only time will tell. Let’s sit back and see what happens! Good skills to all!

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