May 23 2014

Signtronix – Referrals Pay Off

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Indiana Timberwolves RM Dave Grosmann placed an LED-60-3 Line yesterday at a Sports Bar & Grill opening up December 1st.  They can’t wait to announce the daily specials to passersby.  Today Triple Crown RM Tim McNeal made a courtesy call to a Café with a Signtronix sign and ended up getting a referral to another Café.  Tim didn’t get anything there except a referral to the American Legion and they just happen to be in the market for an outdoor EMC.   In talking with some of the members, Tim qualified them on whether or not they could make the decision without the “Board.” T hey assured him that if he could save them a lot of money, they not only could but would.  Tim ended up placing a SF 2-Line, 8’ EMC. Just goes to show those courtesy calls do pay off!  Way to go, guys and way to pay referrals pay off.  Moral of the story is to always ask for referrals!



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