Jan 24 2014

Signtronix – Rekindle Your Passion Part 2

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  • In your Step #1, keep strong control and ferret out the partner by saying, “I have time right now to show you and your partners. Would you have 10 minutes to give me your quick opinion?”   This lets them know you have time right at this moment and you need all parties involved in the business present. Emphasis is on the “I”. Everyone has a partner and there are no silent partners. Qualify early and qualify often. If they tell you they make all the decisions, ask them if they want to run it by someone else. Then get that person there. Them they cannot bring up that partner objection.


  • In an effort to weed out the lookie louies and ramp up your lite-ups, try this: Steps 1-5 per usual. Thank them for their time and say, “My ten minutes is up…unless you have some questions, I have some other calls to make.”  If no questions, get referrals.  Of course, the customer usually asks the question we went there to hear. Tell them this, “That depends Mr. Merchant, on you and how you would like to proceed.  If you would like a salesman to call on you, give you a bid, go back and forth on art work, I can let the sales division know of your interest. However, if you are willing to work with us on our showcase program, we may be able to get your location qualified for some co-op funding.  We are very interested in your pole out there to get us some exposure for our new products. You see, signs sell signs. Mr. Merchant which way would you rather go?”   Then continue on into #6 Pics or leave based on their response. Before you leave also get referrals.  Qualify them a bit stronger by gauging their interest.

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