Jan 27 2014

Signtronix – Rekindle Your Passion Part 3

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  • Always call on our previous customers to do a courtesy call. Ask them the following questions and then show them the new crystal-lite panels. Also get referrals.  “How long have you had your sign? Is everything working out ok with it? Did you notice an increase in traffic thru your door? There was a traffic survey form. Did you complete that? Did people comment on your new sign? Did any other business express an interest in where you got your sign? Who do you know in this area that needs something to increase their business? It is worth $200 in cash to us for any referral that buys.”
  • Before you go in a door, write down your calls by driving down the street. Put every business on your call sheet. Then go back and work your plan. The reason we do this is because a plan of action creates direction and confidence.  It works seemingly by magic. If you are not doing this, try it and soar! It is ok to put 8 or 9 calls down, go back and work them and repeat. Please take time for a coffee break, lunch and another coffee break. Keeps you fresh.
  • Right at the close when the merchant is teetering on the decision, say this, “Bob, if you do nothing, nothing’s going to change. Right?  What’s your shipping address?”
  • Let them know about the SBA website. Tell them “…the SBA recommends to spend on advertising annually. It is 10% of their gross. No one really spends that much but if you do half of what the SBA guidelines suggest for successful businesses, you will be heading the right direction.”

Use that free $50 cash to generate referrals. Ask the cashier at Walmart they can use the money. Jeff Howey has closed 8 out of the last 12 referrals doing this.

“Thanks to Buddy Swisshelm who lets me steal his best lines and please share any lines you use that seem to direct the sale.”


“In simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to go, and gets up and goes.”  ~Unknown

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