Jan 21 2011

Signtronix Rewards – Walkin’ Your Talk

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The Excitement of Earning… The Pride of Wearing

People always say, “I feel like a million bucks!” but, what does a million bucks really feel like? What’s it take for YOU to FEEL like MORE than a million bucks? Is it a new suit? A new watch? A diamond and gold pin? The feeling of making a goal and working hard to achieve that goal is really what a ‘million bucks’ feels like. The money is secondary; but the excitement of succeeding is invaluable.

Awards are a great tool to get us motivated and excited about going out in the field and lite-ing up the storefronts of Main Street America. Are you aware of all the Signtronix awards you can win by going out and working the proven program? The Signtronix Grand-A-Week program has been in existence for many years with great success. The excitement of earning the award is almost as satisfying as the pride you feel while ‘wearing’ the award.

Signtronix Copper State Cool Ray Jim D shares his thrill of receiving his Two Grand-A-Week Watch:

“Just thought I’d let you know I received the Two Grand-A-Week Watch at 1pm today and haven’t taken it off since. It is amazing how something that you earned makes you feel so good; and my wife really likes it, too. It makes the arm look so much more professional, don’t you think? Going back out for another lite-up!”

The Signtronix “I Walk My Talk Program” is also a great way to experience that “million dollar” feeling. Building on your own success, you can reach level three and earn a diamond and gold pin signifying your achievement to all those around you.

It’s up to you.
What Award will you earn NEXT?
Make your goals NOW!

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