May 31 2013

Signtronix Roundup- Alabama “A” Team

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Alabama RM Ron Gither thanks his team for all their efforts and success and welcomes the new Dealers who have already become very key to the team and its energy.

New Dealer and personal recruit of Jon Howell, Slade Armstrong is motivated and on fire. He has been working in the field with Jon and DM Brandon Gither and having lots of fun and making great money! Slade is a Fraternity Brother and recent graduate of the University of Alabama. Jon found a gem and RM Ron Gither is excited.

Blake Barnes is also a recent graduate of the University of Alabama. Blake is a self starter and highly motivated. “I know he will be very successful as his work ethic and professionalism are top notch.”

Barry Norris is a family man with a successful history in sales. Barry helped Jon close an Automotive Dealership on a multi-sign panel change while on the team road trip. Barry will be invaluable in helping the growing team.

Jon Howell has been a working machine. He and Slade worked on the Saturday after the team trip and found a Party and Catering Center who fell in love with our Tri-Color 3-line EMC and a new set of panels.

DM Brandon Gither has been working in the field with the new team members and has demonstrated the success that follows good work habits and owning the presentation. He has helped a Chiropractor, an Accountant and a Tattoo Shop while field training new dealers.

Evan Watkins is also a recent graduate of the University of Alabama with a business degree and a personal recruit of Slade Armstrong. Mickey Tumlin has a resume in business, sales and leadership like nothing we’ve ever seen. They both will do great!

Ron Gither said, “And a special thank you to Vernie Boren for his belief and patience.” 

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