Feb 20 2013

Signtronix Roundup – Pocono Mountaineers

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Pocono Mountaineers RM Denny Giacobe and Alabama “A” Team RM Ron Gither have been working together with great success. The pair walked into a Tattoo Shop yesterday and Ron started the introduction. The owner, a younger gentleman, interrupted Ron and turned to Denny and said, “Denny? Denny Giacobe?” Denny said, “Yeah, that’s me.”

The owner continued, “Denny Giacobe with a White SUV and a license plate that says HOO-D-MAN?” Denny was getting a little nervous but nodded in agreement. The owner said, “You showed me a sign at my old location in 2005! I never forget a face.”

Who could forget Denny Giacobe? But how many people remember his license plate number? That’s GOOD! Denny’s recollection of the owner came back but the young guy explained to Ron why he could remember so well. He’s an honest-to-goodness genius with an incredibly high IQ and photographic memory! He never forgets an image, hence the license plate.

This successful owner went into the military after high school and they trained him in military intelligence, including seven different languages. Now, he is a smart business owner with a new Model 38 for his building! Ron did a great presentation, which won’t soon be forgotten! Never a dull moment with Denny Giacobe at your side! Keep up the great work!

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