Aug 23 2013

Signtronix Roundup – St. Louis Road Warriors

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Only Road Warriors can be seen RIDING a CATFISH while working! DM’s Mike Font and Greg Haney always seem to find the FUN while on the road.

The Road Warrior team might be at the Lake, but they are definitely NOT lounging around. They are, however, enjoying the stay at Mike Font’s father’s Lake House. Northern Indiana has been good to the team this week! DM Mike Font and Russell Anderson placed a P8 to a Beauty Salon. Today, they wrote a Model 48 DF to a Restaurant. Awesome job.

Leah Bernstein placed a Model 35 DF to a Gun Store and a 3-line 6ft RGB to another business. There’s no denying Leah is getting better every week! She is doing “Font”astic! You might even say she is the Road Warrior Secret Weapon! Keep it up, Leah.

DM Greg Haney and Jerry Brendal “popped” in to a unique business, a POPCORN Shop! This business grows their own corn, harvests the corn and sells it in bulk! A new LED-40 will be perfect. They also placed a Model 286 combo DF 3-line full-color digital. The owner also had a pair of Model 46 Panels, but NO FRAME! Greg and Jerry made sure to add a new frame to the contract so he could make use of his beautiful panels!

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