Jul 07 2014

Signtronix – Sensible Rules of Conduct for Field Training Part 2

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Below are some guidelines to follow while field training or any other time for that matter.

  1. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  2. Start your day early and never quit early.
  3. Always have a plan for the day and work that plan.
  4. Always use a 24 Call Sheet, Record of Victories and Light-up Summary.
  5. Stay focused on the activities that are necessary to create sales.
  6. Engage only in positive talk.
  7. Never criticize your leadership or condone such criticism from others.
  8. Be supportive of all the people within our company.
  9. Never complain about the owners that didn’t buy just go to the next call.
  10. Treat everyone you come into contact with respect. To get respect you must first give respect.
  11. Make every call a victory.  If the owner can’t look, ask for referrals.
  12. Comply with the all company policies.


“Make sure what you say is in fact true – or you may wind up with your pants on fire!”  ~Tom Hill

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