Mar 02 2012

Signtronix – September Sijan Glory

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Earning Your Medal of Honor

September started a Lance Sijan FIRE around the country! Deeming September officially “Sijan Month” was only a name and an idea. It was the spark of pride, enthusiasm and courage that made Sijan month truly incredible. Many started the journey and weren’t able to finish. But, those brave ones now comprehend how much work and effort the stringent requirements demand and are ready to go at it again! Five people were victorious in their Sijan pursuits. We’d like to congratulate Oklahoma Red Hawks RM Richard Houston, St. Louis Road Warrior DM Tim McNeal, St. Louis Road Warrior DM Seth McNeal, Georgia Bulldogs DM Craig Jarrett and San Antonio Gunslingers DM Daniel Reuter for completing the incredible Sijan journey!

Richard, Tim, Seth and Craig are multiple Sijan winners and know the feeling of immense satisfaction from completing this great task, but they’ll never forget what if felt like to finish their first Sijan. Daniel Reuter marked the Sijan pathway for the San Antonio Gunslingers. Not only is this his first Sijan Award, but it’s also the first Sijan Award for the Gunslingers! He worked tirelessly to make it happen and was able to secure success with his 13th contract placed at 10:07pm! Now that’s a

“work until it’s done” attitude!

We commend all five of these hard working individuals on an amazing and difficult accomplishment. Thank you for blazing the trail to Sijan greatness for the entire country!

Be among the few, the proud, the Sijans!


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