Jun 03 2011

LED SX – Signtronix Sign Series Success

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Quick Thinking And A Short Drive Result In Success

Indiana Timberwolves District Manager Bob Hollen showed the owner of a Flower Shop the benefits of an LED-60SX, and now the owner is anxiously waiting for it to be delivered. Next, Bob helped the owner of a Furniture Store with an LED-40SX.

Alan McCamey walked into a Pizza business that had one of our Model 612’s. The Pizza Shop is very happy and has new panels on the way. Alan also got a referral from a Motorcycle Shop where he had previously placed a pair of outdoor EMC’s. His buddy who owns a Restaurant asked him about his new signs. So, a couple of days later Alan went to the Restaurant. He got the owner to look at our program so he could then make a decision, but the owner was still a little hesitant. Alan did some quick thinking and decided to take the owner over to the Motorcycle Shop and show him how easy it is to change the messages on the EMC. The owner of the Motorcycle Shop told him he was crazy if he didn’t get the sign, because his sign was brining in a ton of business! The owner of the Restaurant looked at Alan and said, “Let’s go back to the Restaurant and get this wrapped up.” The Restaurant now has a pair of 8’ 2 line Tri-Color EMC’s on the way. Also, the owner of the Motorcycle Shop has a $200 referral fee coming with more referrals on the way! Good thinking, Alan to put the owner in the car and take him over to see the signs in action.

Dealer Al Ferrari was sitting at McDonalds eating when he spied a Restaurant next door with a banner for a sign. Al made the call and the owner fell in love with the indoor window signs. His credit wasn’t very good, so his daughter came over and co-signed on the lease. Now this customer will have a new IS-40 and an LED-60SX in his window in no time. Way to go, team!

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