Jun 20 2012

Signtronix – Sijan Glory For Boston Team Eagle

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Boston Team Eagle District Manager Jim Dobson announced he was going for his Sijan Award the end of January.  Because he was going to be relaxing in Punta Cana his time was very tight, but he was determined and committed to making it happen.

The week of February 13th Jim still needed 7 contracts, and he set his sites on accomplishing his goal by the end of the week. It’s amazing what happens when you have goals. By Friday Jim had written his 7 contracts and just to be sure he went out Saturday and wrote one more – eight contracts = the completion of the prestigious Sijan Award.  Jim and Elaine went on their first Signtronix trip, met a lot of the people they have been reading about and vow to be there every year from now on.  Elaine said it is an experience you just can’t explain.  You have to be there to believe it.  Both Jim and Elaine fit right in and felt like they had known everyone for years.


Regional Managers Steve & Chris Ingemi were among the Champions in Punta Cana. Their presence brought back lots of memories and the glory of days gone by.  Steve and Chris got engaged on their first trip which was toCocoyoc,Mexico in 1975.   Thanks for the memories!


 “It’s easy to get people’s attention;what counts is getting their interest.”  ~A. Philip Randolph

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