Jun 18 2012

Signtronix-Snow Storm Brings Success Part 2

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The owner was very frustrated because she had been there for 4 years and still has people walking in all the time not knowing what she does. Seth & Sarah didn’t know either and they wanted to fix it.  So, they placed an ISLED-40 using the customer’s logo.

In fact, a customer walked in and started exercising right in the middle of their lite-up.  She expressed to the owner that she really needed a sign because her business had no visibility.  On her way out the door the customer said, “Well, there’s no way it can hurt!”  She took that right out of Seth’s script!

Seth & Sarah later visited an Alterations business that was in a strip plaza. Little did he know the owner had just bought a new building, was moving his location and was actually in the market for a sign.  Not only that but he had a list of sign companies around the area he had been meaning to call.  And guess what?  Signtronix was on that list!  He had found us online and after looking at our company he thought, “Oh, they a big company.  They don’t do sign for small businesses.”  When they walked out the door, the owner kept shaking Seth’s hand and thanking them for making the call, driving 2 miles to his new location, designing the sign and making the process so easy. “Now I don’t have to call all these other companies,” Mr. Wong said as he threw away his list of contacts and wrote a deposit check.

“It takes time to succeed because success is merely the natural reward of taking time to do anything well.”
~ Joseph Ross

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