Jan 14 2015

Signtronix – Southwest Thunderbirds

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RM Harold Weatherly and the Southwest Thunderbird team send a great BIG HUGE “Welcome aboard!” to Matt Duran, who just got his Icebreaker on his second day in the field in Phoenix, Arizona with an Imagelite 54/64 to a Bike Shop. Welcome to your future, Matt! “We stand behind you proudly, Matt,” said Harold Weatherly. Many thanks to TAP Ali Howe in assisting Matt in getting his Icebreaker!

Southwest Thunderbird DM Jeff Howey placed an LED-60 3 Line to a Zen Massage business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The owner spoke little English and wanted to verify Jeff’s existence with Signtronix. After having the customer speak with Brenda Moore at the Home Office, Jeff was able to get off the phone and show Brenda’s photo in the 1500 Years of Excellence page on the Signtronix website to show credibility. Jeff had built value and showing the photo cinched the deal. Remember to use all the tools available. Earlier in the week while calling on a previous customer, Jeff placed Model 312 Panels.

Richard Houston is diligently working on his Sijan and added an Imagelite 34-52 to his order collection! A few days earlier Richard placed a Model 46 for a nice pay day and later a Model 38. Congratulations Richard on earning the Go-Pro 3+ offered by RM Harold Weatherly for October sales production.

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