Dec 31 2012

Signtronix – St. Louis Road Warriors Pumped Up

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St. Louis Road Warriors Mike Font and Jon McOwan have been working together the last couple of days throughout the greaterSt. Louis area.  Jon has been a little off his game lately so he teamed up with Mike Font to things going.  Well, it looks like it worked.  Yesterday, the duo placed a Model 3123 and Model 26 to a Craft Store.  So far today they have placed an ISLED-60 Combo to a Retail Shop.  Both Jon and Mike are pumped up and ready to go for more!  Congrats guys!

RM Jeff Dean got in on the action and not only got a sale but also a very heartwarming story to go with the package.  Jeff called on a Wholesale business that was under new ownership.   He was told at the told at the door the customer was not ready for a sign.  Jeff said that was okay but that he wanted to show him what he had for when he was ready.  Well, that came about an hour later when they wrote up the contract.  As the story goes the new owner has purchased the business from a very famous, retired Race Car driver who unfortunately has cancer and is not expected to survive.  Jeff said, “If you talk to the customer enough, you will get all the information you need.”  This is when they came up with the idea of taking the old sign down and moving it inside where they would have all of the previous owner’s friends and customers sign on the checkered flag using a sharpie pen.  This sign would be mounted inside the business to become a memorial to the Race Car driver.  So, with the old sign inside the customer now needed a new sign for the outside of his business.  Write it up and a new Model 312 is on the way!  Thanks Jeff!

Not to be left out newly promoted DM Greg Haney is working with new dealer, Ole Cram showing him how to get it done when they placed a set of Marquee Letters.  The customer, a Mexican Restaurant, had the sign but wasn’t using it because they didn’t have letters.  Well, now they do and they can advertise their daily specials.  Continuing on they did a panel replacement for an old customer and later and ISLED-40 Combo to an Insurance Company.  Greg continues to set high standards and showed Ole all sales, large or small, are a VICTORY!  Nice job!

New St. Louis Road Warrior Mike Holloway is quickly working his way toward Senior Dealer. What’s the best place to do that? On the road! While waiting in a town to meet up with DM Tim McNeal, Mike decided he might as well get a head start on lite-ups. So, as they say, one lite-up led to another and BAM! Mike made a friend and a customer. He wrote a Model 44 to a great Salon.   DM Tim McNeal arrived and things picked up quickly! They wrote two deals together yesterday. First was an ISLED Combo to an Insurance Company and the other was an LED-40 at another Salon in town. Talk about a makeover! Tim said, “Mike is doing fantastic! He’s a natural.”


Go big or go home. Because it’s true, what do you have to lose?  ~Eliza Dushku

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