Feb 13 2012

Signtronix – Steel City Eagles 2

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Mike Valeri, a personal recruit of Buddy Swisshelm, had his best month ever with close to $50,000 in personal sales. Mike is also planning on being in Punta Cana. Mike turned around his sales career and is soaring to new sights just by studying, practicing and rehearsing. Buddy isn’t surprised Mike is already in the Top 10 in the nation!

Also having their best month of the year is Kerry Batteau and his hard working District. Kerry, who has been a two-time winner of the Signtronix trip is going for a “Hat trick” and is set on Punta Cana. Kerry also has a personal recruit, Matthew Bodkins.

The flooding in Harrisburg doesn’t keep DM Brad Whistler from hiring and training. Brad has two new Eagles in training. Brad continues to train the same principles that helped him become successful. Kudos to new Dealer Billy Houck for earning his icebreaker.

Welcome back, Tom Matheny! Tom had a great trip out to the Factory for EMC Training and is raring to go with his new knowledge.

All in the month of September, Buddy and Kaye Swisshelm will celebrate their anniversary on the 21st, Julia turns 20 on the 27th and Angelina turns 8 on the 30th, not to mention Nick got his driving permit on the 1st! What an exciting month for the Eagles!



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