Mar 23 2012

Signtronix – Steel City Eagles II

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New Eagle Chad Bubb spent a few days in the field with his DM, Brad Whistler, and fellow Eagle Mike Valeri watching each of them write orders.

Chad went out on his own to test the waters and found a Carpet and Flooring Store that his parents have done business with for years. The couple listened carefully and fell in love with the layout Chad designed for them. After the expected “No” response, Chad never missed a beat and followed his presentation. The thrilled client is waiting for delivery of a new Model 310!

DM Frank Marzullo continues to lead the Eagles and the nation in personal sales. RM Buddy Swisshelm said, “Frank has grown to become the most knowledgeable salesperson in our Region in software and EMC’s. Way to go, Frank!!” Mike Valeri, Frank’s top Dealer, is on fire and breaking his personal best over and over! WOW!

Congratulation to Brad Whistler’s son, JC! He graduated Marine boot camp. Brad said, “The pride I feel as a parent is beyond words.” We are so happy to have JC serve our country!

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