Jun 01 2012

Signtronix-Take Action And Develop A Drive To Succeed

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By Tom Johnson


We all know building and maintaining a highly productive direct sales organization requires a lot of hard work and dedication.  However, if you apply the success principles and ingredients that other top-notch leaders are using, you’ll have a simple formula to follow.

Once you have the formula then you must have a strong desire, a wish, a craving to make it happen.  You must be determined and have strong intentions and purpose.  Take action and develop the drive to carry on with vigor, to urge forward, to force it to happen, to always push forward!


Here are the ingredients for building a highly productive Region.


  1. 90 Day Planning – Make a commitment and set goals at least 90 days into the future.  This will direct your actions and let you measure your success.
  2. Develop Quality Manpower – Whether your new dealers come from an ad or are “Personal Recruits” develop them to their full potential.  Give proper indoor and field training.  Continually follow up on their field actions.
  3. Develop an Indoor Trainer – This will free up your time and allow you to be in the field “walking your talk”.
  4. Provide Quality Field Support – Keep training simple and to the point.  Be sure your field trainers follow the program.
  5. Expect 12 to 20 Contracts a Month – Continually teach, support, engage and monitor your dealers to make sure they are comfortable in the field help them write contracts.
  6. Walk Your Talk By Personally Selling –Acton speaks louder than words
  7. Develop Quality District Managers – A District Manager’s job is to train dealers in the field.  Teach them to train properly.
  8. Teach Proper Design and Artwork – Keep it simple.
  9. Insist on the Completion of the Order Checklist – This ensures all the paperwork has been filled out correctly.
  10. Go Back to Number 1 – Take a look at what you have already accomplished and adjust your goals to reflect new commitments.


These 10 ingredients make up the success formula.  They seem pretty straightforward and understandable, right?  You may be thinking, “Who didn’t know that?”  If everyone is using these same ingredients, why are some regions producing over $100,000 a month and others aren’t?  The answer lies in the difference of how people manage and lead others.

 “A good leader has to be a constant teacher.”  ~Tom Johnson

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