Dec 15 2014

Signtronix – Texas Trailblazers

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RM Lance Pelton said, “What can I say other than, WOW!” Jim Callahan spent a week with the Trailblazers and opened our eyes again to how simple the business is when you just focus on lite-ups.” Jim held five amazing meetings during the week and still managed to get his 25 lite-ups in during the week and wrote 7 contracts!

Chris Griffith, one of the dealers who rode with Jim, is making his list and checking off the lite-ups. Chris has three contracts since riding with Jim.

Tyler Derebery not only spent sometime with Jim in the field but he also took the time to place a Model 510 to an Auto Repair Shop. Tyler also attended the Sales & Leadership Academy at the Home Office and learned a ton!

Kenneth Melton placed two locations, a Model 48 to an Auto Repair Shop and a Model 612 to a Slushy Company. KeithIves, along with James Olsen, placed theirfirst Imagelite to a Daycare. He went onto add a Model 38 to wrap up his week. Cheryl Zimmer added two contracts to her tally, Jay Chowins added a Model 46 to an Insurance Company and Ken Lindsey added two more contracts! Earnie & Kaitlyn Bailey enjoyed the tickets and jerseys for the ballgame they won in the April Batter up contest! “World Series of sales… here we come!”

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