Aug 01 2012

Signtronix – The Lite-up Mentality Part 1

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By Tom Johnson


Years ago I realized my biggest challenge in life as a sign salesperson was managing my disappointments.  I allowed the many disappointments I experienced during the day to create a ‘stinking’ negative attitude. This negative attitude eroded my work ethic, my self-confidence and my presence and performance with customers.

Getting a “NO” was a disappointment.  Customer procrastination was a disappointment.  Having a partner come out of the wood work was a disappointment.  Being exposed to rude, negative thinking business owners was a disappointment.  Running into an unhappy Signtronix customer that had his feathers ruffled by another dealer was disappointing.  I found myself driving around “licking my wounds” rather than engaging with another business owner.


I finally realized the best person in the world to get my attitude back on track was not me, but the business owner!  So, I forced myself to get out of the car and get re-engaged with a positive thinking business owner.  I was surprised at the positive reception I got when my attitude was right!



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