Aug 03 2012

Signtronix – The Lite-up Mentality Part 2

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By Tom Johnson

I hated REJECTION and loved ACCEPTANCE.  Rejection made me feel like a loser!  Acceptance made me feel like a winner!  I changed my mental mind set.  I decided that I would make all of my activities result in a win, win situation!  Making calls was a win, win! Getting lite-ups was a win, win!  Getting referrals was a win, win!  Making a sale was a win, win!

My Record of Victories Lite-up Report Sheet showed that I was closing a minimum of one out of three lite-ups.  In order to make 8 sales a week, I had to make a minimum of 24 lite-ups a week.

I also stopped judging who was going to buy or not buy by the look of the business frontage!  I needed to go inside the business and shake hands with the owner(s).  It was then that I started using the 24 call sheet!  After writing down 24 prospects, I immediately got engaged in making light-ups.  My weekly goal was a minimum of 24.  I developed a form called “The Weekly Lite-up Summary”.   My sole purpose in life was to check off 24 lite-ups on the sheet by the end of the week!  I knew by my records that the sales would come!  In addition to the calls on my 24 call sheet, I generated 3 to 5 referrals a day!






“Energy is equal to desire and purpose.”  ~Sheryl Adams

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