Sep 11 2011

Signtronix – The Path to Success and Greatness

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“I knew somewhere in this pile of Dysfunctional horse manure, there was a PONY.”

Kozy began life in the Panhandle of Texas in the small town of Kress. His father was the town blacksmith. Under his father, he learned metal working and the machinist trade. He joined the Navy at an early age as a machinist. His dedication to hard work and excellence was evidenced when he worked in a machine shop after the Navy in Long Beach, California and ended up buying out the owner after two years.

Forty-nine years ago at age 28, Kozy needed a job and found work as a salesman for a small sign company in Los Angeles. The owner died two months later at age 38.

The developments of the next few months changed his life forever. Conrad Escalante, the sales manager of the company, was fascinated with Kozy who drove 3,000 miles to get a sample to sell signs. He taught the rookie everything he could about selling. At day’s end they would share a meal and celebrate victories. They bonded together with a tie that only salesmen understand. They saw greatness in each other.

Kozy had four years of direct sales experience and four years of high production manufacturing. He and Conrad shared a vision where sales people were a part of a company with affordable products designed for the Sign Industry that were manufactured efficiently and sold mainly to small merchants. Signs for small businesses in the 1950’s were very expensive.

They formed Superior Outdoor Display and grew rapidly. They HAD a winning model. But as Kozy stated in a letter to a friend, “In the beginning there was no electricity, no phones, no functional equipment, no products, no samples, no sales materials, no salesmen and no employees. As depressing as it could have been, I only felt the excitement about nurturing the giant before me into life. I knew somewhere in this pile of dysfunctional horse manure, there WAS a PONY!”

A few years later they had the opportunity to purchase Gulf Development, the company where both had worked and met. It was looked upon as a sentimental page from the past and Kozy suggested that he develop the new acquisition. Eight years later, he and Conrad agreed to split their holdings. That small company Gulf Development became Signtronix and the rest is history.

Kozy’s philosophy of “the good life” is best expressed in his many hobbies. For years he piloted his own plane traveling all over the United States to visit managers and dealers, and attending regional meetings and conventions. He is an avid outdoor sportsman; yachtsman, pilot, skier, horseman, fisherman, scuba diver and photographer. He helped develop a small oil company in Texas in the 1970’s which prospered for many years. Those who have had the privilege of taking a trip with Kozy on his yacht, “The Slice of Life ll”, are familiar with his morning greeting that defines his love of life and his passion for everything he does, “Good morning Fun Seekers, it’s going to be a great day!”.

Among his countless undertakings, Kozy has said the creation of the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and the NESOP (Non Employee Stock Ownership Plan) has been one of the greatest accomplishments of his career. Wanting to reward his employees for their loyalty, hundreds of hours were spent working with ESOP experts to provide a promising future for everyone involved in Encore Image Group.

Kozy is a member of Rotary, TEC International, and he and his wife, Sally, support many charities.

His commitment to being the best has kept Signtronix a front-runner in the Sign Industry. Kozy’s well-known saying, “Innovators, Not Imitators” symbolizes the ambition and philosophy of Mr. Kozell Boren.

Kozy Boren: A true entrepreneur, innovator and leader in world of Signage. For fifty years, the worlds in and out of the Sign Industry have experienced again and again an exciting “Slice of Life” as a result of their association with this extraordinary man.

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