Sep 20 2013

Signtronix – The Power of Effective Signage

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A Customer’s Own Words of Success

On the day my beautiful sign was installed, my customers immediately were commenting on how nice the sign looked and what a great job Signtronix had done. Some of the customers were new to my store because my new sign had gotten their attention!

My store, The Equine Connection, is in a very small, rural town. The community is starting to grow as it is on the edge of the Bakken oil field. There are a few new people now and then. My sign has gotten their attention and brought several new people in to look and purchase.

Shortly after the sign was installed a bad wind and hail storm hit our small town and my new sign was pulled from the front of my store. The only thing keeping it from crashing to the ground was the heavy chain holding it to the roof overhang. My sign was not damaged! Before we rehung the sign, many of my customers asked, “What happened to your attractive sign?”

Thank you, Signtronix, for doing a very professional job on The Equine Connection’s sign.

Louise E. Urdahl, Owner

Equine Connection, Medicine Lake Montana

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