Jan 07 2012

SIgntronix – The Power of Good Food

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Denny “you’ll never believe what happened today” is at it again!  Dennis Giacobe received a lead from Stacey Elkins at the home office so he gathered up his samples and headed out.  The customer happens to own a Restaurant and upon Denny’s arrival immediately asked if he wanted something to eat.  He said coffee would be nice and they brought him a beautiful salad to go with it.  Denny proceeded to design a set of new panels for their Model 510.   They were raving on and on about the design and then walked to the back again brining Denny a delicious cheeseburger platter  and asked if he had a digital message center for the bottom of the sign.  “Of course,” Denny said and went to get his sample.  Just as Denny was writing up the order for two Signtronix Tri-Color EMC’s and a set of Signtronix Model 510 panels, a piece of coconut cream pie appeared.  And then as he was packing up to leave the customer handed him a bag filled with cookies!  Oh the power of food!  This is all just in a day’s work for Denny!  Congrats!

“Eliminate your negative qualities. Develop your positive ones. You can’t win with the checkmark in the wrong place.”  ~M. Winnetter

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