Aug 29 2014

Signtronix – The Race is On

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RM Lance Pelton reports the race in the Texas Trailblazer region for the Ipad is on and going strong!   Kenneth Melton took the lead early this week with a powerful start to his week.  So far he’s added a Model 812 and a Model 36 to his numbers.  Quickly tying up the contest again was Chris Griffith with a placement to a Cycle Shop.  Not to be outdone, Keith Ives added a Model 510 set of panels.  Cheryl Zimmer got in on the race and added a Model 48 to a Daycare Center to her totals.  This was all reported in as of earlier this week.  There’s much more to come from the Trailblazer region.   Stay tuned!

 “Excellence is not a skill it’s an attitude.”  ~Ralph Marston

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