Nov 14 2014

Signtronix – The Secrets of a Master Salesperson Part 2

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Critical Factors for Master Sales Success


  1. Do what unsuccessful salespeople will not do.  Take the time to care and listen’ organize and prioritize, focus on the imperatives and don’t major in minors.  Be willing to turn the next stone.


  1. Don’t be afraid to fail.  Ask for the order, again and again and understand that a “no” is not final.  Some people explain a reluctance to ask for the order as a fear of losing or being rejected.  Think about this… You lose 100% of the orders you don’t ask for!


  1. Master salespeople stick to the fundamentals.  Your presentation is masterfully designed to build value and simultaneously eliminate objections. Just stick to it.  Take your time doing the ROI.  People buy the ROI not the nuts and bolts.  Ask for referrals all the time!


  1. Use selling hours to sell.  If you are doing administrative work during prime selling time (normal business hours), you are severely limiting your ability to sell and succeed. If you socialize, organize, philosophize, exercise, analyze or rest your eyes during prime selling time you are shooting yourself in the foot.  And don’t try to place your lack of success on someone else.  If you kill time, you murder success.


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