Oct 24 2014

Signtronix – The Twelve Faces Of Leadership Part 1

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By Ray Clark


1. Vision… Be a Dreamer.  Develop the ability to solve a problem or visualize a project from the beginning to the finished product.  In other words how to get from A to Z.


2. Communication.  Good communication skills are essential to great leadership.  You must be capable of communicating your views to other people.  Communication skills include being sure your people are listening and comprehending what you are telling or teaching them.


3. People Skills.  Truly care about the welfare and happiness of your people.  Strive to really know their dreams, desires and also their fears.


4. Integrity of Character.  Maintain honesty with your people with your beliefs, expectations and goals. In order to be successful a true leader must earn the trust and respect of those he leads.  Always tell the truth, especially if the subject is a controversial one.  Operate on the basis of, “What you see is real and what you see is what you get.”  Treat others as you want to be treated.


5. Competence.   Be a person who is continually learning.  Read, study and teach from knowledge.  Do not mislead as no one will follow your teachings or leadership


6.  Exercise.  Exercise both physically and mentally every single day of your life. Set up an exercise program and follow through with it.  Set aside several hours each week to read and improve your mind and knowledge.

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