Oct 27 2014

Signtronix – The Twelve Faces Of Leadership Part 2

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7.  Have a Servant’s Heart.  Don’t try to intimidate or beat up on the people under your leadership.  We are all human with human frailties.  Be forgiving whenever possible.  Help your people grow to become stronger, more confident, happier people.  Be a teacher, counselor, friend, confidant, while at the same time accepting their highest capable performance at any given moment.


8.  Never Reprimand anyone in front of others.  Always try to soften the criticism by starting with something good about the individual.  Be a teacher, not a tyrant.


9.  Mistakes.  Do not personally mistakes for your people.  Instead teach them how to correct their own errors. If you personally make a mistake, fix it immediately.  Do not ignore or drag it on as it will come back to haunt you.


10.  Motivate.  Strive to develop motivational skills.  Constantly establish competitiveness and challenges for your people.  Competition takes on a life of its own, replacing “work” with a TEAM atmosphere of fun.  Everybody becomes a winner.


11.  Comfort Zone.  A leader must constantly strive to raise the “comfort zones” of his people.  When the present goal is reached, immediately set new, higher, realistic goals.


12.  Leadership Is A Learned Quality.  Strive every day to improve on all aspects of being a good and successful leader and manager. Life is more fulfilling and rewarding if your people work with you from pride, respect and friendship and not from fear and demands.

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