Jul 02 2012

Signtronix – Trailblazers Gear Up For March Madness

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The Trailblazers continue to shine.  Bryan Marquez had a great week last week in the field while helping two customers with their new signage.  Nathan Razer added another set of 3-lIne 8′ Tri-Color EMC’s to his growing resume and his DM, Nick Trevino, got in on the fun with a Model 412 to a beautiful Day Spa.

Will Welsh, while traveling around the country with his wife Jamie in their RV, had a spectacular week which ended on Saturday with his third placement of the week!  Tim Knight also added a Model 612 to an Auto Sales Lot.  The sign is going to look awesome!  RM Lance Pelton is very proud of all the Trailblazers!


In the meantime, the Trailblazers are getting ready for their annual March Madness contest Trailblazer style.  Brackets are being determined, prizes are being selected and a whole lot of orders are about to be written.  Stay tuned…

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